Description : Sweet looking velvet scarves with SO many designs and colours to choose from.Standard size. Can be worn with soft denim inner or any way you like.

Material : Super soft velvet
Normal Retail Price: RM25-28
Price : RM18 only! 

Size : 62cm x 19 cm
(not inclusive of inner)

Code : VS01
Status : SOLD OUT!

Code VS01 when worn with denim inner neck

Close up on material

Code : VS02 
Status : Available!

Close up on VS02

Code : VS03
Status : Available! 

Close up VS03

Code : VS04
Status : SOLD OUT!

Close up VS04

Code : VS05
Status : SOLD OUT!

Close up VS05

Code : VS06
Status : SOLD OUT!

Close up VS06

Code : VS07
Status : Available!

Close up VS07

Code : VS08
Status : SOLD OUT!

Close up VS08

Code : VS09
Status : SOLD OUT!

 Close up VS09

Code : VS10
Status : SOLD OUT!

Close up VS10

Code : VS11
Status : SOLD OUT

Close up VS11

Code : VS12
Status : Available!

Close up VS12

Code : VS13
Status : Available!

Close up VS13

1 Response
  1. Anonymous Says:

    ely, labuh x?kita suka yg velvet sbb versatile tp slalu yg standard size tudungnya depan pendek..;(


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